Sports massage (Singapore) reduce muscle tightness and soreness.

What’s sports massage for exactly?

What sports massage (singapore) can do for you explained. During, and after physical activity, especially intense, there is a build up of muscle tension (muscle tightness) ans muscle soreness in the body’s soft tissue. Due to over-extension or overuse, minor injuries may occur in these affected areas and can cause immense pain, not to mention poor athletic performance! Sports massage helps reduce the muscle tightness and soreness, pains and prevents such injuries that greatly affect an athletes performance in many aspects.

Sports massage should be applied before and after athletic events. Massages before the events focus more on warming-up the major muscle groups that are to be used.  Sports massages after an event is mostly focused more on the recovery of an athlete. These kinds of massages are catered more to reduce muscle spasms and any acidic build up within the affected areas.

Put into possibly a weekly training routine, athletes can relax and revitalize muscles, and enjoy a pain free season!

Our Sports Massages lasts for an hour. We need to know how and where exactly you're suffering pain. After which, we start working on your affected areas, going through certain muscle tensions and knots, alleviating the pain you feel. Sports massages do not guarantee a full recovery, but it does guarantee improving flexibility, mobility, reaction time, and overall optimal athletic ability.

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