How You Can Start Working Out At Home

If the only workouts you’ve been doing ever since is beat yourself up for not starting when you should have, sitting on the couch just planning for the day that you’ll do it, then it is time to stop, and start, for real.

Here are 7 ways for you to kick start your own workout plans at home.

1. Take Some Selfies!

In order to see improvements, you first need to know where you’re starting from. Take a couple of pictures, and measurements! This will give you a starting point, so when you check back in on that weighing scale, or take progress pictures, you’ll definitely see the changes.

2. Start Small.

Forget about the times when you could run a full marathon, times when you could fit in those jeans, cause these are the things that will affect your motivation, and drive. SMALL IMPROVEMENTS, BEAT NO IMPROVEMENTS. These things take time, and effort. START SMALL!

3. Make Small Changes For A Start.

Look ahead of your schedule and establish small changes that’ll help get you on track. Sunday nights, pick out your workout clothes for Monday! These little changes are something that you are able to stick to more as compared to drastic ones.

4. Expect To Fall.

Here’s the thing. WE ALL HAVE OUR BAD DAYS. Whether its business, relationships, diets, bottom line, WE ALL DO. Just keep grinding through and you’ll see yourself onto more achievements!

5. Get Ready To NOT QUIT.

Just about a month into it is a rough time most people tend to quit. This is because of many reasons, many of which, is them not seeing the results they have been hoping to see by that time. Everyone of us knows the saying that great things take time. SO STAY COMMITTED AND LET THE RESULTS COME!

6. Find Something You Can Stick With.

Experts, professionals, doctors, say that the best exercises are the ones that you enjoy doing and will stick with. Find your rhythm. Find the exercises that you love and have fun doing. It must challenge you, but it must also make you happy.


” My husband says I have to lose weight. ”  Make sure that the fitness goals that you have set, are the goals that are ultimately benefiting you. Look, losing weight for someone, isn’t going to do much for their health. You’re doing so because it helps you get into the pants that YOU want to wear, because it makes YOU feel a lot more attractive, because YOU want to. You’re the most important person, so why let yourself down?


Remember why you started. Keep going.

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