Chest, shoulder, upper back, neck pain.

Bernard helping one of our clients release tension in his chest area.


Many a times, shoulder pain derives from tight pectorals (chest) muscles. When the pectorals become tight, they can result in the dreaded rounding of shoulders. Tight pectoral muscles limit shoulder flexion and mobility, the ability to raise the arm up overhead.

These chest muscles can become tight due to a number pf reason. Weight training, desk bound jobs, lack of stretching, or as simple as the fact that we rarely engage in activities that require us to release the tightness in our chest.

During a chest massage, many techniques may be used to alleviate tension and tightness in that area, such as ‘ Frictions ‘. Frictions are performed using the thumb, and the fingertips. The short and circular motions used during frictions increase the temperature of the fibres in the affected area. This increase in temperature in turn helps the fibres to loosen and stretch, thus increasing flexibility and reducing the restrictions in the area.

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