About Us


Weight Loss.

Helping people lose weight without breaking the bank.

Pain Management.

Reducing pain with sports Massage, without medicine.

Personal Training.

Helping people lose weight, get in better shape, all without a gym.


Catering to everyone within our reach.

Our Services


Losing weight, sport-specific training, or just general fitness, we provide training for individuals with these goals.



$70-$80 per 1 hour session.


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Reducing pain due to physical stress onto the muscles and the joints, without medicine.




$80 per 1 hour session.


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Helping you lose weight, without the intense dieting, physical strain, and expenditure.




$40 for a 1 month customized plan.


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Your health, is an investment.

What our clients say

My first choice to any fitness goal I want. ” I can’t believe results like this cost so little! Sticking to this forever! “

Sarah S.

Highest honest value, to the cheapest monetary exchange.

Bernard TimedBody

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